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Storage Tips


  • When Storing, remember you may need in there from time to time. Plan accordingly, place an aisle in between what you store so that you can get access to your belongings as you might need them.
  • Label your boxes on all sides and keep a list for easy reference.
  • When stacking boxes make sure to put heavier boxes on bottom and lighter boxes on top, to avoid damaging items boxed below others.
  • Keep boxes off the floor by placing pallets, or other protection underneath.
  • When storing electronics such as computers, stereos, video game devices, or other items with numerous cords, you may want to color code the cords with the corresponding item. This will help avoid confusion when you are ready to retrieve an electronic. Also, when storing devices such as a Television or a monitor, it’s always best to store them in the packaging they originally came from to avoid damage while moving them.
  • Make sure that all appliances are clean and dry before storing them. Also, leave appliances such as Freezers, and Refrigerators slightly open to avoid mildew.
  • Drain and clean all debris from equipment before storing.
  • When stacking furniture, such as tables or chairs; place paper padding in between them to avoid scratching them.
  • When storing mattresses and box springs, rest them on their long side to avoid them tipping, also carefully wrap them to avoid moisture.
  • Clothes, and other cloth like items should be stored in wardrobe boxes on hangars to retain their shapes.
  • Store items that you need most at the front, and least at the back so that you have easy access to the items you will be regularly needing.
  • To protect your belongings while in storage, cover them with moving pads, blankets, or sheets.
  • Take tables and bed frames apart and wrap them carefully, so as to keep them from getting damaged.
  • Store pictures, frames, and mirrors horizontally and wrap them carefully. Do not place them flat.
  • Pack books flat to protect their spines.
  • Use bubble wrap or paper to wrap your breakables, such as; dishes, and collectibles. Place similar items together and mark the boxes.
  • Keep out of season clothing stored together, and keep them accessible.
  • Keep your most precious items stored out of sight. This will prevent other people from seeing them while you are in your unit.


  • Do not pack your boxes until they are too heavy to carry. Things like books, and movies can be very heavy.
  • Do not give your gate code or any personal information to anyone that is not allowed access. This helps keep you and all of our customers’ belongings safe.
  • Do not forget to thoroughly clean all appliances before storing them.
  • Do not store anything toxic or flammable such as paint, oil, gasoline, or propane.
  • Do not store food or perishables, these may attract unwanted guests.
  • Do not use plastic to cover your furniture or belongings, they retain moisture.


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